The sun is the most beautiful and powerful force in our solar system. It represents life and brings joy into our day. The DeskSpace Solar Light has recreated this life force with our Sun Mood Light. Created using Golden Calcite – prized for its mesmerising texture and clarity — to allow the light to spread within the sphere and to radiate into the room. It creates each piece individually, ensuring yours is as unique as you are. The DeskSpace Solar Light handcraft each set and polish it to perfection. Bring the sun into your home and capture a small part of that power.

The soft and warm light that emanates from our Solar Mood Light is ideal for any room or workspace. Without overpowering the senses, this light is visually striking and will create a gentle glow in any room. Perfect as a subtle night light for the bedside table or to capture the beauty of your desk accessories or a row of books on your shelf. It is more than just light – this is a room-enhancing glow that gives a sense of relaxation and peace.