It could be an embarrassing start of day when you have to put on yesterday’s T-shirt when you are on trip or camping. It could be a major concern the chemicals might be remaining on your little baby clothes after washing. It also could be a worrying thing when you have no idea to tell that whether pesticide residues on fruit and vegetables or not after washing. All of these were troubles until the coming of Washwow 2.0.

The second generation of Washwow clothes washing&disinfect gadgets open a new era of doing laundry healthily and conveniently.

With the electrolysis of water, WASHWOW 2.0 will help you almost effortlessly remove organic stains, even if the white clothes. It’s very useful for people who have business trip.

WASHWOW 2.0 has adopted the wireless charging technology which can support wireless charger with QI standard at market.

Washing clothes without any detergent, WASHWOW 2.0 can keep your clothes away from bacteria and dirt. Clothes will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out with the magic of water electrolysis without any damage. The bacterium elimination rate of the WASHWOW 2.0 washing and disinfect device can reach 99.98%. It is prone to zero pollution and has no radiation.

With WASHWOW 2.0, all baby and kid’s clothes and stuff will be washed with appropriate care. It doesn’t need detergent, doesn’t cause secondary pollution or leaves no chemical.

When washing fruits and vegetables, WASHWOW 2.0 can completely eliminate pesticide residues within 5 minutes

Just a soap size, 265 g net weight, all of these make WASHWOW 2.0 is easy to take in any luggage wherever you go. So you can travel without any the hassle of laundry.