Have you ever wanted to put your favorite song on or call your friends, when your life was going downhill, only to remind yourself your phone is buried too deep in your sports jacket? Wraap is a smart snap wrap band designed to perfectly fit your outdoor jacket sleeves, steering wheels or bike handlebars. This wrap band has a call and dial function and it can receive your notifications. With Wraap it, mountains’ call isn’t the only one that gets through – you can easily read whole messages and send pre-saved texts without losing your speed or phone in the process. You can listen to music when you move down steep slopes. The snap wrap band lets you track your maximum and average speed, altitude, and distance, so you can easily track your progress and get closer to your sports goals. It operates at very low temperatures – up to minus 20 degrees and is completely water resistant. In a standby mode, the battery will last you for the entire month.