Levia is a desk lamp floating in the air that uses the magnetic levitation system, a method by which one object is suspended on another, thanks to a magnetic field which can combat the gravitational pull effect.

The metal stem, equipped with the levitation system at the end that allows the LED filament bulb to levitate at a height of about 20 cm from the ground and outside the space of the marble base gives Levia a perfect balance between shapes and levitation distance.

The light bulb has no internal batteries LED filaments turn on via electromagnetic induction-and it’s a warm light which is often associated with positive sensations by our mind, improving, among other things, the quality of sleep, unlike the cold light. Furthermore, a touch button will allow to turn off just the LED filaments by keeping the light bulb in levitation.

The integrated anti-fall technology will force the light bulb to attach itself to the levitation system.