Atmotube is a wearable, portable device that monitors the quality and safety of the air you breathe. Atmotube can sense environmental changes in real time to help you make the right choices and live healthier. It accurately measures air pollution by detecting a wide range of volatile organic compounds, harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide, temperature, and humidity and allows us to be aware of the air that we breathe in daily, inside or outside. In fact, the air quality within our homes can be up to eight times worse than outdoors due to a variety factors.

The device weighs only 1.4 ounces (40 grams), so it’s perfectly portable, even pocketable. It has a half-ring to let you to clip it anywhere, on any bag or even a key ring.


Atmotube takes measurements every 10 seconds and sends them to an app that displays the air quality on both a personal and a worldwide map



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