Whether it be to lull you into a nap or caress you into a full night sleep, Luuna intelligently learns from your brain waves to produce music and sounds that are in harmony with your body’s rhythm, helping you fall asleep better and faster. What does this mean? The music is pretty much composed by your brainwaves. The music will reflect how you’re feeling. If you’re happy, the music composition will be fast-paced. If you’re relaxed, the music composition will be calm.


How does it work?

  • Electroencephalography (EEG) sensors monitor and collect brainwave information and transmit it to LUUNA’s computer chip.
  • LUUNA’s computer chip reads and analyzes the brainwave data to produce music, measure your sleep state, and make conclusions what it should do.
  • LUUNA also features “PEEPING” holes to allow you to “SEE” without having to take your mask off.

Different sleep modes

Let luuna help you fall into a deep sleep or simply recharge your mind and body with a quick nap. Whichever sleep mode you choose, luuna is there for you.

Choose the sleep mode on your app to get you ready for a full night of restful sleep. Let luuna’s artificial intelligence soothe you with calming music as you doze off into a peaceful slumber.

Power nap
Luuna’s app features a power nap mode just in case you only need a few short minutes to recharge your mind, energy, and help you boost your brain’s learning capacity.

Concentration training is much like weightlifting for your brain. This mode helps you master the ability to focus for longer periods of time.

Other features

Auto-fading volume
Luuna uses your brains own melody and intelligent ai to create a song to fit your mood. And when you do fall asleep luuna adaptively lowers the volume and fades out the music replacing it with the gentle sounds of nature.

Comfortable and lightweight
Luuna is only 50g in weight and provides you with a sense of security with special pinholes that you can peep through at any time. Luuna gives you the perfect light-shade because the 3d mask was specially designed to fit the contour of your face with skin-friendly fabric, making it extremely comfortable. Did we mention that luuna can be washed? Just don’t forget to detach the eeg sensor beforehand.

Durable battery
Luuna’s high-tech design gives you up to 80 hours of battery life which makes it perfect to enjoy the many options that luuna has to offer.

Sleep reports
The luuna app offers daily, weekly and monthly reports to show your sleep cycles and other data to understand your sleep patterns better and help you reach your sleep goals.

Record what you say in your sleep
Always wondered what you say in your sleep? Now you can record yourself and share with all your friends for a laugh or two.

Two alarm modes
Luuna comes with 2 different alarm modes to choose from. Have an important meeting and don’t want to miss it? Choose the exact time you want to wake up. Or sleep in on the weekends and choose a time range to wake, such as 9:30am to 10:30am.

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