INSTA_RING is world’s first ring with camera to make photos and 4K videos

This product is a high quality 12 mega pixel photo camera closed in a body of a ring. Once you make picture with INSTA_RING you can immediately transfer it directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android) and post it on your social media. It has 32GB flash storage memory and it’s always ready for action.

A tiny space houses some of the most sophisticated technology. Wireless charging. Water and dust resistance and so you can dive up to 50 meters- even in salt water. Sapphire glass on the camera and aerospace grade aluminum on minimalistic and elegant body design defines INSTA_RING as a premium.

The wide-angle camera to make highes quality pictures and movies with automatic face detection. Camera have optical image stabilization and fast lense for photos and videos. Your photos come out bright and clear even when there’s very little light. Video records with built- in microphone. Optical stabilization reduces handshake and motion blur. Your movies will looks steady and sharp.

You don’t have to hold your hand super perfectly streight horizontal or vertical in order to make a perfect shoot.

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