GoSun Chill is a portable, high-efficiency cooler that utilizes energy from the sun to keep drinks and food cold, or frozen, eliminating the need for ice. In addition to running off the including Lithium Powerbank, every GoSun Chill comes with integrated components that enable it to be run from typical household AC power, mobile 12 Volt sources or optional solar panel charging. The detachable 144wh Powerbank can also power laptops, portable accessories and cellphones (over 10 full charges) making it handy where you need the juice. GoSun is pairing the Chill with a portable Solar Table or a flexible Solar Panel that both allow for completely portable power and cooling system. Additionally, shade from the Solar Table allows the cooler to stay colder, even in direct sunlight, enabling operation at temperatures down to 0°F (-18°C). GoSun Chill offers a dry, temperature-controlled environment for up to 14 hours on the Powerbank alone.