First Wave brings you the glass rinser a ridiculously clever way to help get bottles, cups, and glasses clean

The Glass Rinser is an ingenious new gadget from the people at First Wave – the innovation lab inside Delta Faucet Company. It solves the age-old problem of hard-to-clean residue by powering it away before it dries.

The First Wave Glass Rinser makes it easier than ever to wash items by hand. Simply add a bit of dish soap to your dirty item, then press it down on the rinser. Boom. It’s clean in no time.

The Glass Rinser installs easily to your cold or hot water supply line.

Today’s insulated bottles keep water cold all day long. And that’s certainly handy. But they’re quite narrow—and therefore difficult to clean. Glass Rinser to the rescue. Its water jets are centrally located, so they’ll rinse your items effectively, no matter how narrow they are. That’s handy. Especially for items that’s aren’t dishwasher safe.

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