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Fixnow 500E


Fixnow 500E integrates an ultra-quiet brushless electric induction motor that powerfully pumps up to 510 PSI high water pressure and an incredible 0.9GPM (gallons per minute) water flow rate through the nozzle. It is an exceptional way to powerfully and efficiently eliminate accumulated grime, dirt and other stains.

NYTSTND Charging Station

NYTSTND is a multi-device and fast wireless charging station with MagSafe that offers a diverse range of uses, keeping you connected 24/7.

Aunt Genie Bamboo Dishcloths


Aunt Genie is a chemical-free cleaning towel and requires only water to clean dishes and home surfaces.

Hundur Leash


Hundur Leash is designed to have shock-absorbing properties that allow the owner to maximize fun while walking and minimize strain on your wrist and dog. Hundur lets you attach up to 5 leashes to a single handle, making leading all of your furry friends a walk in the park. Hundur leashes are customizable, meaning you can mix and match handle and leash colors and get the perfect Insta-ready accessory for you and your pawed pal!

Plantee smart indoor greenhouse


Plantee is an all-in-one plug & play greenhouse designed to grow all kinds of demanding plants at home easily. Grow with confidence your own bonsai, roses, orchids, sunflowers, chili peppers, baby carrots, microgreens, carnivorous plants, and so much more!

Arclight Bike Pedals


Arclights are durable aluminum platform pedals, including four rechargeable and removable light modules that have built-in smart features and customizable flash modes.

Lito Case foldable suitcase


Lito Case is a foldable suitcase equipped with a unique storage-saving mechanism that helps you save 2.5x storage space. This innovative downsizing solution is for travelers and their living spaces. All Lito Cases are made up of 50 plastic bottles that would’ve otherwise ended up in landfills and oceans

LastPad reusable menstruation pad


LastPad is a reusable sanitary pad that aims to reduce the environmental impact of period products and provide a more affordable, comfortable, and healthy alternative for women.

Nutshell Coolers


Nutshell Coolers is insulated with upcycled coconut fiber that outperforms plastic and is designed to be magically collapsible between adventures.

GravaStar Sirius Earbuds


The Sci-fi style GravaStar Sirius Pro Earbuds features a bottle opener design, immersive HD audio and customizations, suited for any occasion.

Virtual Mate virtual intimacy system

Virtual Mate is the world’s first virtual intimacy system, containing realistic virtual mate game for PC/Laptop/Mobile/VR Headset and multi-functional hardware “Core” for an interactive encounter and immersive experience.

Flick ergonomic arm and wrist rest


The flick is an all-in-one patented solution that provides computer mouse users with better ergonomics through a Scandinavian minimalistic design.

xScreen folding screen for Xbox Series S


xScreen brings portability to the Xbox Series S with a removable folding screen, including built-in speakers.

Fjorden camera grip for iPhone


Fjorden is an ultra-compact camera grip with DSLR-like physical control that turns an iPhone into a pocket-friendly professional camera.

LensHD hands-free glasses cleaning station


LensHD is an automatic lens cleaner crafted to remove fingerprints, dust, and oil on the lens anywhere.



Greenfinity is a smart designer system that lets you grow your favorite herbs and other plants year-round in a fun, easy, and beautiful way.

Loop Mount Twist bicycle phone mount


Loop Mount Twist is a bicycle mount that mounts the phone in portrait or landscape mode while using your favorite navigation or training apps.

RE:GE electricity-generating fitness bike


RE:GE is an electricity-generating fitness bike for the home that converts your workout into clean electricity.

SONR swim coach communicator

SONR is a compact disc-shaped radio receiver that can be placed anywhere on the swimmer’s head — under the swimming cap or on the goggles using a special included clip. The coach talks into a regular walkie-talkie while the swimmers hear the voice in real-time, even when their ears are underwater.

ArcX smart ring


With your phone in a pocket or a backpack, use ArcX to select songs, adjust volume, take split times, accept incoming calls and make an SOS call in an emergency, all with a simple touch, even when wearing gloves.

Verdmo wireless soil moisture sensor

Verdmo is a soil moisture sensor that notifies you when your lawn, garden, or potted plant needs water.

Nebia by Moen Quattro


Nebia by Moen Quattro is a powerful and enveloping shower experience that sets a new standard for water savings. Millions of droplets hydrate your skin and save water for an experience unlike any other.

TOMO easy connect dog gear


TOMO is minimal dog gear for those who care about design and user experience. Every detail of TOMO is deliberately designed to make your life easier. TOMO’s patent-pending latch allows you to connect your dog’s gear easier than ever before.

Aipower Wearbuds Watch


Wearbuds Watch is the 3rd generation of the world’s first smartwatch and fitness tracker that stores and wirelessly charge earbuds.

Dusk app-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses


Dusk is a pair of smart sunglasses with app-controlled electrochromic lenses, which allow you to adjust the tint when you want, instantly. Dusk frames also come with hidden built-in speakers and a microphone — providing crystal clear audio and voice assistance for both Apple and Android devices. Dusk’s rechargeable travel case is designed to house Apple’s AirTag, so you can track the glasses down using the Find My App on your iPhone.

TEDPoP dual expandable rooftop tent


It offers an enormous space allowing up to 5 people to lay down comfortably at once due to dual expandable panels on both sides of the tent.

LeGrow modular desktop garden system

LeGrow is a modular desktop gardening system for growing indoor plants with ease. The LeGrow 2021 indoor garden system can be customized with different plants and includes modules for watering, lighting, humidifier, and more. It lets anyone easily create a thriving indoor garden at home, work, or anywhere.

Pela Lomi


Lomi is a kitchen appliance that will turn food scraps, boxes, cloth, and bioplastics into the dirt within 24 hours.

Nimble automatically paints and dries nails

Nimble is a compact nail painting system that can automatically paint your nails within seconds, offering long-lasting, salon-quality manicures from the comfort of home.

TEMPMi tritium thermometer


TEMPMi is a compact thermometer with tritium light technology that can measure your temperature contactless and is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

KALEA automatic kitchen composter

Kalea unites the natural composting process with smart technology to transform organic waste into nutrition-rich compost in only 48 hours.

Bloomengine s∙pot smart plant pot

Bloomengine s∙pot is a smart plant pot that promotes an effortless indoor gardening life and features the ideal conditions for plants to thrive all-year-round.

SwiftBand smartwatch protection

SwiftBand is a removable neoprene wristband that protects your smartwatch from getting scratched and broken during all sports activity.

Meazor digital measuring tool


Meazor is an all-in-one digital measuring gadget for designers, architects and DIYers alike that will accommodate their need to perform measurements in an instant seamlessly.

Tap Strap 2 AirMouse


Tap Strap 2 is a wearable keyboard and mouse enabling users to control devices such as iPads and smart TVs using hand gestures with its plug-and-play AirMouse functionality.

E-Knee smart knee brace

E-Knee is an intelligent knee brace with a built-in smart chip, gyroscopes and airbag system to detect motion states in real-time and adjust tightness level accordingly for the perfect fit.