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Plantee smart indoor greenhouse


Plantee is an all-in-one plug & play greenhouse designed to grow all kinds of demanding plants at home easily. Grow with confidence your own bonsai, roses, orchids, sunflowers, chili peppers, baby carrots, microgreens, carnivorous plants, and so much more!



Greenfinity is a smart designer system that lets you grow your favorite herbs and other plants year-round in a fun, easy, and beautiful way.

Verdmo wireless soil moisture sensor

Verdmo is a soil moisture sensor that notifies you when your lawn, garden, or potted plant needs water.

Nebia by Moen Quattro


Nebia by Moen Quattro is a powerful and enveloping shower experience that sets a new standard for water savings. Millions of droplets hydrate your skin and save water for an experience unlike any other.

LeGrow modular desktop garden system

LeGrow is a modular desktop gardening system for growing indoor plants with ease. The LeGrow 2021 indoor garden system can be customized with different plants and includes modules for watering, lighting, humidifier, and more. It lets anyone easily create a thriving indoor garden at home, work, or anywhere.

Pela Lomi


Lomi is a kitchen appliance that will turn food scraps, boxes, cloth, and bioplastics into the dirt within 24 hours.

KALEA automatic kitchen composter

Kalea unites the natural composting process with smart technology to transform organic waste into nutrition-rich compost in only 48 hours.

Bloomengine s∙pot smart plant pot

Bloomengine s∙pot is a smart plant pot that promotes an effortless indoor gardening life and features the ideal conditions for plants to thrive all-year-round.

ALPAKA HUB magnetic organizer

The HUB is a magnetic modular ecosystem that allows you to stay effortlessly organized at home or on the go and helps you get out the door faster. The HUB ecosystem is a better way to carry your keys and other everyday items.

Respira air-purifying garden

Respira is an air-purifying garden that improves the air quality in your home by pulling air through the plant’s root zone, where beneficial microorganisms capture and break down toxins from the air, in a process known as biofiltration.

The Couch Console

Self-balancing cupholder, snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, remote tray, storage pocket all in a light, compact and modular pack. The gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the Couch Console on is. The Cup Holder will fit most standard glasses, and you can also lock the system. It’s modular, so you can mix and match to make it perfect just for you.

terraplanter inside-out hydroponic planter


The terraplanter is an inside-out planter for growing plants indoors. It holds water on the inside and diffuses it outwards, sustaining the plant which grows on the surface. The structure of the material is solid yet porous. Water is slowly diffused through it and held by the cells, giving the plant time to drink and water less often. The terraplanter is made from 100% natural materials, and you can re-use it with new plants anytime.

Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip


The Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip can easily be attached to the backside of a TV of 55 inch and larger to let it mimic the content on the screen, blending the colors together seamlessly and providing a media experience like no other.

Löv air purifier

Available to place as an interior object in the room or to hang its 3.1 inches slim figure on the wall, an air purifier that shows a new trend of appliances has come out to the world.

Misa social family robot

Misa is a social family robot that can be a friend, teacher, companion, cameraman, entertainer, and more. Misa connects, protects, and interacts with every member of your family.

Soliom S90 Pro solar-powered home security camera


Soliom S90 Pro is a solar battery powered surveillance outdoor home security camera system totally wire-free.

S1 smart lock with fingerprint


YEEUU S1 is a smart lock with fingerprint and remote gives any home or property owner secure entry control for any door using fingerprint, password, badge, phone, or voice assistant.

Pico palm size garden

With telescopic grow lights, self-watering, and multiple-mounting options, Pico makes growing plants at home easy and accessible to all.

Arebo body dryer

Arebo is a body dryer designed for all bodies of all ages, which dries you instantly from head to toe in 3 minutes with the wind speed of 33mph.

Rotofarm indoor gardening

Rotofarm by Bace is an advanced, space, and time-efficient indoor garden packed in a beautiful, modern award-winning design.

Friday smart lock


Friday Smart Lock is a smart home solution offering first-mover features like direct integration to Wi-Fi and compatibility with both iOS and Android.

Nebia by Moen shower


Nebia by Moen offers a superior shower experience through atomization, the process of breaking up water into tiny droplets.

Mila home purifier

Mila unveils smart air purifier that makes maintaining your home’s air quality as intuitive as setting your thermostat.

SwitchBot retrofit all devices for IoT


SwitchBot lets you retrofit all existing appliances or light switches in your home, instead of replacing them.

SwitchBot smart curtains

(12 customer reviews)

SwitchBot Curtain is a small wireless device that makes any​ ​curtains motorized after 30 seconds of installation.

HD Mask invisible camera and phone charger


HD Mask is an invisible security camera that looks just like a USB charger and plugs into any power outlet and records 1080p HD video 24/7.

Slow Dance slow motion sculptures


Slow Dance is a picture frame that makes real objects appear to move in slow motion.

Keymitt smart lock

Keymitt is a retrofit device that fits over your existing door lock; no modifications needed. It’s a way to make your doorknob smarter without replacing it.

SPRING doorstopper

SPRING is a doorstopper that designed to hold your door, and it can be installed on almost any solid floor without any drilling.

TOWNEW self-sealing and self-changing trash can


The Trash Can that seals and changes trash bags with one push of a button and keeps the smell secured inside, guaranteeing no exposure to any bad odor.

U-Bolt Pro smart deadbolt


U-Bolt Pro is a smart deadbolt with dual 128-bit AES dynamic key encryption that can open the door in 6 different ways with or without your smartphone.

SimCam AI security camera


The SimCam leverages artificial intelligence to recognize and track human movements, eliminate false alarms, and make home security smarter. The camera’s facial recognition boasts 99.4% accuracy.

DeskSpace solar sun mood lamp

The DeskSpace Solar Light has recreated this life force with the Sun Mood Light.

eufyCam wirefree security camera


eufyCam eliminated power cables, wall outlets, and the need to drill holes, giving you freedom to install it practically anywhere.