The revolutionary Novus wearable combines phone, smartwatch and home assistant in one device that lets children safely use the internet and stay connected with parents. Novus changes form factor to perfectly accommodate the needs of children. It makes the perfect kid-sized mini phone with a touch wheel controller that is a simple and intuitive control method. In smartwatch mode, the core device sits securely on the wrist so it won’t get lost or left behind. At home, Novus becomes a useful information tool and multimedia player powered by Google Assistant and simple voice commands. Novus is a reliable way for kids and parents to stay connected. Parents can make a video call, phone call or send voice/text message via the Novus. For children, Novus provides instant contact with their parents or an SOS mode that immediately puts them in touch with an administrator who can provide help in emergencies. In addition to phone calls, Novus has a robust suite of location services including GPS, A-GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and more, allowing parents to track their kid’s location at all times. The Novus app allows parents to manage their kids’ devices in a number of useful ways, including a contact filter, exercise tracker and disable period feature that limits screen time.